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Keeping the Peace


Warren Nelson and Christopher Conti are quoted in the Marijuana Business Magazine article “Keeping the Peace.“ This article details what a labor peace agreement is and the steps cannabis employers should take to obtain one as a precursor to receiving a medical and adult-use cannabis license under California law. 

“Labor peace agreements drastically increase the likelihood of unionization,” attorneys Warren and Christopher said in an email.

A labor peace agreement need be only three to five pages and should prohibit a union from striking, stating pickets and boycotts, address job security, election procedures, and require an employer to remain neutral during organizing campaigns. Under California law, labor peace agreements in the cannabis industry must also provide the union with reasonable access to the employer’s facility.

The agreement should avoid unfair labor practices, and Warren and Chris “strongly caution employers against agreeing to overbroad terms that may result in unnecessary burden and disruption to the business.”

The pair added: “Additionally, employers should avoid vague terms that govern organizing and union recognition. This means clearly defining the campaign period, the modes by which the employees may select the union and how long authorization cards remain valid.”

To read the full article, please visit Marijuana Business Magazine.

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