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Judge Rejects $12.25-Million Lyft Lawsuit Settlement


The article, “Judge Rejects $12.25-Million Lyft Lawsuit Settlement,” featured in Los Angeles Times, discussed the U.S. district judge recent ruling, it which he rejected a $12.25-million lawsuit settlement between Lyft and its drivers Thursday, saying that the amount offered shortchanges drivers who sought to be treated as employees.

John Skousen provided his take on the ruling.

Although it's not unusual for judges to reject settlements unless changes are made, John said this case is unique in that "there was no admission or finding of liability on Lyft's part, and plaintiffs still had the considerable burden to certify and prove their class claims at trial."

In the event that a settlement can't be reached, "they may well go to trial," he said. "And I would not like to be in the plaintiffs' attorney's position, because with class actions it's all or nothing, and if she loses it's going to be in a very big way."

To read the full article, please visit Los Angeles Times.


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