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Judge Denies Uber's Motions in Case Brought By Limousine Drivers


The article, “Judge Denies Uber's Motions in Case Brought By Limousine Drivers,” featured in the Penn Record, examined a recent lawsuit filed against Uber by the drivers in its UberBlack limousine service, in which they allege they are actual employees of the company and not independent contractors.

Lauren Cell provided commentary on Judge Michael M. Baylson’s denial of Uber’s motions to recommend arbitration and to stay the pending court decision.

“The Uber drivers had clearly opted out of the arbitration provision, so it’s pretty conspicuous that that’s what they’ve done,” Lauren told the Penn Record.

“With everything going on in California with Judge Chen’s decision, it may have been an easy way for the judge to say with all that’s going on, I’m not going to really opine on this right now, but he didn’t because it didn’t have anything to do with what’s going on in the Pennsylvania decision,” Lauren said.

“I was not surprised by it. I would like to see further how it goes or even if he gets to that point deciding on whether the independent contractors are to be employees, but with all these other cases that question may not even be decided.”

 “I think it would be wise for Pennsylvania employers to go through and see how they classify their workers and whether their classification decisions make sense,” Lauren said. “Also, in light of the FLSA regulations, it makes sense for Pennsylvania employers, altogether, to go back and re-evaluate their classifications of employees.”

To read the full article, please visit Penn Record.

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