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Joining a Powerball Pool at Work? Here are the Possible Pitfalls


Alvaro Hasani was featured on NJ 101.5 FM on January 13, 2016. The interview discussed the potential pitfalls of office lottery pools.

Both employees and employers have to look out for the pitfalls, according to Alvaro.

As to employees, Alvaro said that pool participants often fail to define their rights and obligations and the rights and obligations of absentee co-workers. This often leads to disputes in the event that the group hits the jackpot. That is why, according to Alvaro, having a “lottery pool agreement” in place beforehand can make a big difference.

“People don’t often realize the significance of having such an agreement in place, particularly because they know there’s a very slim chance of winning,” Alvaro said. “But you have to think about overcoming the odds. After all, that’s why you play the game.”

The agreement can come in the form of an email, Alvaro said, and this quick act of caution may help tremendously in the event of any lawsuits from employees down the line.

Alvaro said employers can distance themselves from any lottery disputes by implementing a solicitation policy that only allows such betting to occur on non-work time.

Excerpts of the interview have been published in an article titled “Joining a Powerball Pool at Work? Here are the Possible Pitfalls”.

To read the full article, please visit NJ 101.5.


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