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Jennifer Sandberg on HR Daily Advisors


Atlanta Partner Jennifer Sandberg lent her experience and knowledge to answer common questions on job descriptions, essential functions, and reasonable accommodation in an article by HR Daily Advisor.

Jennifer answered questions such as: If an employee with a disability is reassigned to a vacant position that better accommodates the disability, but this position does not pay as well as the one they started in, can the employee's pay be reduced?

“Yes, actually. It's a tough employee management issue, but it is legal. The pay does not have to be the same. Many employers would leave it the same, but this can also present problems,” explained Jennifer.

One employer wanted to know if it’s okay to ask candidates for their GPA on the application or during an interview.

“This item would probably fall under a desired qualification rather than a standard that must be met. Not only does the GPA scale now differ at some schools, even standardized tests like the SAT have updated their scoring system, such that scores today would not have been possible before the update. That could be problematic for comparison and could exclude candidates entirely if it is a firm standard,” said Jennifer.

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