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It's High Time To Engage Your Employees


Atlanta partner C.R. Wright was interviewed for the article "It's High Time To Engage Your Employees." The article reported that, although the economy seems to be improving, employers are not rushing to hire additional workers. The ones they have may be feeling overworked and underappreciated not to mention worrying about raises, bonuses, and job security. C.R. noted that employees whose feelings have been hurt are more likely to sue their employers than happy ones. Ensuring managers technically comply with all legal requirements isn't enough, he stressed that employees need to be properly managed and motivated. If they aren't, not only might they sue but they're also likely to be less productive than they could be. Keeping employees happy is more than just about salary hikes and fancy perks. C.R. advised H.R. managers to encourage employees to express their opinions and ideas, listen to what they have to say, provide positive feedback and reinforcement, treat each employee as a unique individual and to act in a respectful, professional and courteous way.


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