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It Isn't Quittin' Time Till the Boss Says It Is


The Houston Chronicle quoted Steve Roppolo, managing partner of the Houston office, in the December 1 article "It Isn't Quittin' Time Till the Boss Says It Is." The article reported on employers requiring workers to put in overtime as they try to manage staffing shortages or unusually high customer traffic. While some employees welcome the extra money, the extended hours can pose a problem for workers with young children and family obligations. Some states have their own regulations that limit work weeks, however, outside of those constraints, employers have few limits on how much time they can demand as long as they pay for the work. Steve said companies should tell job applicants upfront about the likelihood that they might be required to work extra without advance notice. "That way someone who wants the extra hours can say that's the job for me." Or if the applicant has child care responsibilities and can't stay past quitting time, that's probably not a good fit.


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