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Is That Time-Off Request Because You’re Sick—or to Watch the Olympics?


In the article, “Is That Time-Off Request Because You’re Sick—or to Watch the Olympics?” featured in SHRM, Jay Hux offered advice to employers who are suspicious of employees “calling in sick,” in light of the 2016 Summer Olympics.

When an employee calls in sick but the managers thinks the request is suspicious, an employer is justified in asking for information on the basis for the sick leave, said Jay.

If an employee is bragging on Facebook about duping the employer and staying home to watch the Olympics or a co-worker shares information indicating that the employee was lying, confront the employee and then give him or her a chance to respond, Jay recommended.

If the employee seeks Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) time off, the employer should always follow its FMLA certification process or its reasonable accommodation process, Jay noted.

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