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Irvine Partner Explores Effectiveness of COVID Liability Waivers with ABA Journal


As businesses reopen, the practice of asking customers to sign COVID-19 liability waivers is increasing throughout the United States, but it is uncertain how much weight those waivers will carry in court. In an interview with ABA Journal, Tyler Rasmussen explains how businesses should navigate this unchartered territory and what employers should know about using these waivers. He says that waivers do not provide complete blanket immunity but may limit or prevent certain liability – like common negligence suits – and highlight safety risks to customers. “To be the most enforceable, you have to have a contract that is narrowly tailored to your business,” Tyler adds. “It has to be clear and unambiguous and easily understandable by the individual who is reading it.”

To read the full article, visit ABA Journal.


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