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Intel's Parental ‘Bonding' Leaves Sets New Standard, But Other Oregon Employers Unlikely To Add It


Rich Meneghello was quoted in The Oregonian on January 25, 2015. The article “Intel’s Parental ‘Bonding’ Leaves Sets New Standard, But Other Oregon Employers Unlikely To Add It” discussed Intel's new "bonding" leave for new parents and the big impact it will have in Oregon, simply because the company has 17,500 employees there.

Rich said, Although Oregon employers are unlikely to immediately follow Intel's lead, there's reason to believe more generous family leave benefits are on the horizon.

"The landscape nationally and in Oregon is pushing toward a more generous family-friendly and employee-friendly workplace," he noted. "There's a trend of employees expecting more, and I think the trend will continue as some of these more progressive programs are pushed."

"You might see this being the new normal 10 years from now," Rich added. "Whether it's ultimately sustainable remains to be seen. Resources will have to be shifted around if employers are paying more for benefits."

As millennials comprise a larger percentage of the workforce, they may be willing to give ground on certain benefits they care less about – parking or health insurance, for instance – in order to receive parental leave, child care subsidies or more paid time off with fewer restrictions, Rich stated.

"I think we're seeing a shift to workers wanting to control their own destiny," Rich said. "They see the value of work-life balance as more important than higher salaries or a large bonus or perks at the workplace. I think we're heading toward a carte blanche selection of benefits."

To read the full article, please visit The Oregonian.


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