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Insights for Employers on Preparing for COVID-19-Related Safety Complaints


As COVID-19 continues to impact workplaces around the world, many employers are left wondering what they can do to prepare themselves for the workplace safety complaints that are likely to come in the weeks and months to follow. In an interview with EHS Today, Travis Vance shares his insights on what employers should be doing now, including encouraging them to document proactive measures to avoid risks and urging them to follow OSHA’s guidelines on COVID-19 occupational risks especially when building their response plans. Travis provides other insights including advice for what employers should be aware of if a COVID-19 complaint does get filed against them and urges companies in these situations to prepare a full written response. In the end, Travis notes “[i]n order to avoid an on-site visit, obviously we want employers to keep everybody safe and to make sure they’re actually implementing the practices in their COVID-19 response plan.”

To read the article, visit EHS Today.


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