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Illinois Aims To End Workplace Discrimination Against Pregnant Workers


Scott Fanning was quoted in the August 29, 2014 article "Illinois Aims to End Workplace Discrimination Against Pregnant Workers."

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed a new law that is intended to prevent workplace discrimination against pregnant women by offering guidance on reasonable accommodation measures that all employers in the state are expected to follow.

But, according to Scott, “most employers do try to accommodate pregnant employers in these ways.” At the same time, he cautions that the new law’s broad stroke of coverage on all employers with at least one employee could fuel worry among certain organizations, as many will have to update their policies to meet the new state requirements.

“This would cover a much larger group of employers, perhaps employers who are not used to dealing with the reasonable accommodation framework that is being laid out,” Scott told EBN. “It does create some uncertainty just because it does require reasonable accommodation for not just medical conditions related to pregnancy, but also any condition related to pregnancy.”

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