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HR Must Act Quickly in Response to Domestic Violence Allegations


Jason Keck of the Chicago office was interviewed for the article “HR Must Act Quickly in Response to Domestic Violence Allegations” featured on SHRM. This article details how employers and their HR departments should investigate domestic violence.

In an investigation, employers should consider the nature of the alleged abuse and the job responsibilities of the accused. If the alleged victim and accused are both on staff, the employer should be aware of all the applicable statutes that protect victims and aid any legal processes necessary to ensure safety.

Jason advises when assisting an alleged victim on staff, the employer should consider whether to contact law enforcement authorities or find out if they're already involved.

In the event the alleged abuser is terminated, the employer should offer a separation package and if cleared of wrongdoing he or she can be reinstated with back pay.

To read the full article, please visit SHRM.


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