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How To Leave The Firm Holiday Party With Your Dignity Intact


Jennifer Sandberg was quoted in Law 360 on December 11, 2015. The article “How To Leave The Firm Holiday Party With Your Dignity Intact” discussed how although festive firm parties provide a fun way to wind down after a busy year, an overabundance of eggnog can have bigger consequences than a stocking full of coal for employers and fledgling associates alike.

Jennifer was quoted on the importance of introducing dates/spouses at holiday parties. If workers are allowed to bring dates, they should introduce them to absolutely everyone — even if a co-worker should already know their name, Jennifer said. It gives employees an excuse to say hi to that bigwig who normally seems out of reach and helps higher-ups get to know newbies on a personal level.

Building these sorts of connections outside the office setting can be key for young associates starting their careers and new hires looking to find their place at the firm. When partners are distributing tasks, they’re more likely to call upon the people they know and already enjoy interacting with, Jennifer said. 

“Mingle rather than give in to the temptation to hang out with your best buddies,” she said.

Careful scheduling is another way to help quell unseemly behavior, Jennifer said. Some firms are switching to breakfast or luncheon celebrations as a less risky way to recognize a year of good work, Jennifer said.

“It’s a nice opportunity to visit with someone socially and get to know them better,” she said.

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