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"How To Keep A Psychopath Out Of Your Workplace" On EHS Today's Website


Partner Todd Logsdon was featured in an article entitled “How To Keep A Psychopath Out Of Your Workplace” on EHS Today’s website.

There can be red flags that can give an employer insight into an applicant's propensity for bad behavior.

Regardless of whether or not an individual has psychopathic or sociopathic tendencies, when a worker engages in violence or other bad behavior, the human and financial costs can be steep.

For a true background check it could cost tens of thousands of dollars, according to a Washington based security consultant.

“While there's no law forbidding employers from conducting background checks, such checks have a discriminatory effect on certain populations, and has taken several companies to court challenging their background-check policies,” said Todd.

To avoid running afoul of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Todd urged employers to institute consistent policies and procedures governing the use of background checks  such as having the same background check process for all applicants for a certain job classification.

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