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How To Battle Workplace Bullies


Samuel Lillard was quoted in Columbus CEO on May 11, 2015. The article “How To Battle Workplace Bullies” discussed how to address bulling in the workplace.

Samuel was quoted on when bullying turns illegal.

The Healthy Workplace Campaign is seeking passage of its Healthy Workplace Bill. “It states that if an employee reports bullying and the employer doesn’t take reasonable and appropriate action, the employee could sue the employer for harm,” said Samuel.

“OSHA sees bullying as a workplace safety issue. It established an anti-bullying policy for its employees. It also suggested that if left unchecked, bullying could create an unsafe workplace, even though it hasn’t issued any regulations, yet,” Samuel noted.

Bullies frequently focus on the most talented employees in an attempt to drive them out. “When talented workers get fed up and leave, the others are demoralized. High turnover with low productivity is costly for any employer,” Samuel said.

“When I first asked audiences in 2011 how many of their companies had formal anti-bullying policies, just a few hands went up. Now, I’m seeing a lot more hands. Employers are putting policies into place on their own because of how it affects their bottom line,” Samuel added.

To read the full article, please visit Columbus CEO.


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