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How Hoteliers Can Accommodate Transgender Employees


The article, “How Hoteliers Can Accommodate Transgender Employees,” featured on Hotel News Now, provided a number of policies and practices hoteliers can use to make their transgender employees feel more welcome and comfortable in the workplace.

Scott Schneider provided commentary on reasonable accommodations for transgender employees.

If a hotel has existing restrooms that are separate for men and women, there’s nothing hoteliers need to do to change that, said Scott, as employees should use the facilities with which they identify.

The political debate has set off a firestorm, he said, but the reality is hotels have existed for generations with transgender guests and employees.

“Now is not the first time we’ve had transgendered guests at hotels,” Scott stated. “Nobody really inquired. If you looked like a woman and went to the bathroom, no one asked if they were really a woman.”

Some worry that allowing transgender people to use the restrooms for the gender they identify with creates a loophole for some men to pretend to be women to get into the women’s restroom, Scott noted. While that could happen, he said, people could have already done that anyway.

“I have seen no evidence of that in reality,” Scott added. “It’s purely anecdotal Facebook fear-mongering, at least in my opinion.”

To read the full article, please visit Hotel News Now.


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