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How Companies Can Prevent an Office Flu Epidemic


New Jersey Partner Kathie Caminiti was quoted in the January 11 Blog article “How Companies Can Prevent an Office Flu Epidemic.” The article noted that what is being called the worst flu season in a decade could cost companies billions of dollars in employee health care costs and absenteeism.  Kathie said there are certain precautions employers can take to limit business losses and help protect themselves and their employees from this “aggressive” flu season. “The first thing we say is an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Even encouraging employees to wash their hands or to get flu shots can possibly prevent the spread of germs. While some employers provide free flu shots in the office, healthcare settings can require employees to get them. She also said some companies might be inclined to be more lenient with those who call in sick, allowing them an extra day to work from home to recover, or not requiring a doctor’s note for those who have not been able to see a doctor. “As long as you act uniformly, you’re in good shape.” Kathie was also interviewed about this topic in the article “An Outbreak of Flu-Related Legal Issues” in the January 18 issue of Corporate Counsel.


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