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Houston Regional Managing Partner Weighs-In on The Workforce Challenges of 2020


In an interview with the Houston Business Journal, Steve Roppolo discusses some of the legal challenges that have arisen in 2020, and he provides advice for employers on how they can address these challenges. In terms of the pandemic, Steve stresses how important it is for employers to be flexible with their policies, and he adds that “…to the extent you can be flexible more so than maybe you would have ordinarily been, that will be very well received and will create some loyalty with your employees in a way that you might not have always had.” He goes on to address the fallout of the presidential election and reminds employers that the workplace is not the proper venue for hashing out political differences. He explains the importance of employers doing their best to avoid political disruption and to “…make sure we’re all in a workplace environment that is supportive and productive.”

To read the article, visit the Houston Business Journal (subscription required).


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