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Hotel Industry Included in Philadelphia’s Fair Workweek Law, Says Fisher Phillips Attorney


In an article for Law360, Philadelphia attorney Jeff Csercsevits spoke with reporters on Philadelphia’s recently passed Fair Workweek Employment Standards Ordinance. The ordinance, expected to be signed into law by Mayor Jim Kenney, will require retailers, hotels and chain restaurants with more than 250 employees and 30 or more locations to provide workers with two weeks' advance notice of their schedules, and provide additional payments to workers in the event of last-minute scheduling changes.

Jeff said, "The thing that makes Philadelphia unique is that it is the first city that's included hotel employees in this type of legislation." He explained that hotels, unlike their counterparts in the retail and restaurant sectors, often face unique staffing needs that make it harder to schedule workers' shifts in advance.

To read the full article, visit Law360 (subscription required).

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