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Holiday Terminations: Making them Less Horrible


Terminating an employee can be a stressful, even traumatic experience. Terminating someone around the holidays can even be worse as noted in the Fast Company article “How to Make Firing Someone During the Holiday Less Horrible.” 

Michael Marra, the managing partner of the firm’s New York City office, said that before meeting with the employee who will be terminated, you should think about what the employee will need and come to the meeting prepared. “Treat employees with dignity and respect,” he said. Michael noted that it is a good idea to have information about severance pay, health insurance options, transition assistance, and other resources that will be made available to the employee who is being let go. Michael said answer questions in a respectful, but succinct manner and “leave a paper trail of everything.” 

Michael suggested that the person handling the termination should avoid lengthy explanations or attempts to make the employee feel better. Such an effort could be used against the company. Michael added that you should be honest about the reasons for the termination, be respectful, then move on. 

The Fast Company article is on the magazine's website.


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