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Higher Ed Practice Leader Comments on MSU Trainers Knowing Nassar Issues and Staying on the Job


Scott Schneider was quoted in the Detroit Free Press article “MSU Trainers Knew Nassar Issues But are Still on Job, Ex-Athletes Say.” There is much concern over why Michigan State University has not taken action against their employees who were supposedly made aware of Nassar’s actions 20 years ago.

When asked about why the university has not taken action, Scott said that “MSU may have investigated and determined employees did nothing wrong or there could be a concern that firing employees for wrongdoing could be an acknowledgement of the institution’s failures.” He added, “I think Michigan State’s in the midst of kind of a reckoning here, where they may have to, at some point, acknowledge, yes, there is wrongdoing here.”

For the full article, visit the Detroit Free Press.

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