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High Election Interest + High Voter Turnout = Potential Employer Headaches

What Should Employers Do If Employees Request Time Off on Election Day?

ATLANTA, GA (October 31, 2008) - The high interest in this year's presidential election suggests that November 4 may be a difficult day for many employers. All indications are that voters will turn out in record numbers to vote. Additionally, given the high level of interest in this year's elections, employees may want to take the day off to help get out the vote for their favorite candidate or issue. For example, the Obama campaign has produced an Internet video urging supporters to ask their employer if they can take the day off to help get voters to the polls. How should managers deal with employees who ask for time off on Election Day?

Attorneys at the national labor and employment law firm Fisher Phillips say employers must balance the desire of employees to vote with the need to stay open for business on Election Day.

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