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Harassment Reports a ‘Wake-Up Call’ for Employers, Attorneys Say


With the recent allegations against Harvey Weinstein and other men in high positions, the conversation revolving around sexual harassment has, once again, resurfaced. In the article, "Harassment Reports a ‘Wake-Up Call’ for Employers, Attorneys Say," Partner Michelle Anderson discusses the importance of investigating and having proper documentation when confronted with such allegations.

Anderson said she recently walked a client through the steps of conducting an investigation into a possible issue, including getting a full statement from the employee and any witnesses, establishing a timeline and what was said, and most importantly, getting specifics.

Employees can be asked to give a written statement and sign it, or a manager can write it for them and ask them for approval before getting a signature. Footage from video surveillance cameras is often useful if it is available, she said, along with any text messages, emails or social media postings.

“I think it’s important for businesses to put their findings into a report,” she said. “If there is a charge or a lawsuit, it would be a comprehensive factual document that would be used in an investigation either by the EEOC or the Louisiana Commission on Human Rights or a lawsuit.”

To read the full article, please visit New Orleans City Business (subscription required).


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