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GrubHub Win Doesn't Settle Debate Over Gig Workers' Status


Rich Meneghello is quoted in the Law360 article “GrubHub Win Doesn't Settle Debate Over Gig Workers' Status.” The article focuses on the first-of-its-kind ruling holding that a former Grubhub delivery driver was an independent contractor rather than an employee was a victory for gig economy employers who hope the decision bodes well for their chances of defeating similar lawsuits, but businesses shouldn't get too excited. 

“I think companies can be excited about it, and can feel comfortable and feel happy that the first case reaching judicial merits on this issue went their way,” said Rich. “But it’s not a magic bullet.” 

“You could have the exact same case, exact same facts, in two different courts, and end up with two different rulings,” he said. Still, the ruling gives gig economy employers “a little bit more to go on than just throwing darts at the dart board” when structuring their relationships with workers they regard as contractors, Rich added. 

To read the full article, visit Law360.


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