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Global Immigration Co-Chair Comments on Impact of President’s Proclamation


On June 22nd the President issued an immigration proclamation which, in part, blocked foreign executives and other skilled workers from moving to the U.S. through 2020 and potentially longer. In an interview with Law360, Davis Bae and other immigration attorneys expressed concern that the Administration’s action could end up pushing more job opportunities abroad to countries with more welcoming immigration systems. Davis explained that "[c]ompanies are going to rethink where they make their investments, how they figure out their strategy if there's business uncertainty as to whether they can bring in their own supervisors." He also warned that this action may only be the “tip of the spear” because “[a]s the election comes along, as [the President] gets into a position where he needs to come down hard on immigration, taking a protectionist point of view, what’s going to end up happening is he’s going to try to push the narrative to say that these foreign national are taking U.S. jobs.”

To read the article, visit Law360 (subscription required).



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