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Give Me A 'P,' Give Me An 'A,' Give Me A 'Y'...What's It Spell? Lawsuits!


Rosemary Gousman was quoted in the September 6, 2014 article "Give me a 'P,' give me an 'A,' give me a 'Y'... what's it spell? Lawsuits!"

Oakland “Raiderettes” only earned $125 a game, or $1,250 per season. When all of the hours of unpaid work — two to three rehearsals per week, performances at 10 charity events per season, public appearances, and the modeling gig for the team’s annual swimsuit calendar (available online for $15) — were considered, Raiderette wages worked out to be less than $5 an hour, according to her lawsuit.

“If an event is connected with your daily work and your attendance is mandatory to benefit the employer, you must be paid. That’s federal law,” Rosemary said.
“But we also don’t know all of the facts and circumstances — were some of these charitable events voluntary or not? Did the cheerleaders decide? We only know what the claims are; it then becomes an issue of proof.”

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