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Georgia Gun Law Expands Rights On Both Sides, But Does It Increase Liability?


C.R. Wright was quoted in the July 2, 2014 Risk Network article "Georgia gun law expands rights on both sides, but does it increase liability?" 

Georgia's new gun law that went into effect July 1 expands the places where licensed gun carriers may bring concealed weapons. The new law affects churches and other places of worship as well as schools, government buildings, bars, nightclubs, and other businesses.

“There’s a lot of controversy around the law,” C.R. said. "It strengthened the rights of both gun carriers as well as those that don’t want guns on their premises.”

Affected entities have the choice as to whether to allow licensed owners to carry concealed weapons.

A government building without security screening can't deny a licensed carrier to have a weapon.

“Some people think it will add protection; some think it will cause a hazard and won’t allow weapons on their property,” added C.R. “If you decide not to allow weapon carriers and there was a tragic incident, there are those would say licensed holders could have protected people. And there are those will say that even licensed holders could use their weapon in an inappropriate way.”


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