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For Your Anti-Union Information


The article, “For Your Anti-Union Information,” featured on Inside Higher Ed, discussed how a handful of institutions, including those with active graduate assistant union campaigns, have either launched or updated websites that they term “informational," but that are attracting criticism as being “anti-union.”

Joe Ambash said it was too soon to say whether any institution would challenge a graduate assistant union election, and that creating an informational website is hardly the first step in that direction. Rather, he said, matching union information with managerial information is “standard operating procedure.”

“I recommend that every institution do this — it’s perfectly appropriate that every institution that cares about this issue wants to inform students of accurate information in relation to unionizing,” he said. “This is nothing new.”

Neither is criticism of employers, Joe added. “Any time an employer shares information or explains the possible downsides of unionization, [unions] accuse the employer of being anti-union, but nothing is further from the truth. Employers should share accurate information so that voters can make an informed choice."

To read the full article, please visit Inside Higher Ed.



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