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Five Legal Trends Business Owners Need To Know


In the article, “New Five Legal Trends Business Owners Need To Know,” featured in Columbus CEO, Central Ohio lawyers answer five key questions to help keep business owners stay current, in light of new rulings from agencies.

Samuel Lillard answered the question “How have web accessibility lawsuits changed audio-video content?”

He said, ““Drive-by” lawsuits on the height of hold bars in bathrooms at a restaurant were once the rule. “But now the online accessibility concern is audio, video and pictorial content that is invisible or silent for individuals who are blind or deaf,” and more than 60 such lawsuits have been filed recently.”

“The remedy is not that complicated, and most businesses want to serve this community,” Samuel said. “But the plaintiffs’ bar will be looking for people not paying attention to this.”

To read the full article, please visit Columbus CEO.


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