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Fisher Phillips Surges in 2018, says Law360 Report


In Law360’s annual ranking of the 400 biggest law firms by U.S. attorney head count, Fisher Phillips landed the 117th spot for 2019, up from 124 in 2018. In a feature story on the nation’s top labor and employment law firms, Law360 said Fisher Phillips “surged as employers around the country clamored for help in keeping up with an ever-evolving web of state and local laws.” Roger Quillen, chairman and managing partner of Fisher Phillips, attributed the firm’s 2018 growth to state and local regulators and lawmakers taking charge in areas of workplace law where they see the federal government slacking. He said “business has been ‘absolutely red hot’ in several areas where regulators and lawmakers have been active, including medical and recreational marijuana, minimum wages and enforcement mechanisms, sexual harassment standards, and LGBT workplace rights.”

Additionally, Roger said that the head count bump came without a hit to productivity. “While firms typically see their output decline when they have to acclimate large numbers of new attorneys, Fisher Phillips’ per-attorney productivity rose. What that says is that the demand which drove our decision to attract and hire all those lawyers was real.”

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