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Fisher Phillips Partner Interviewed by SHRM on No-Show Employees who Reappear with Valid Reasons 


What happens when a worker is fired for not showing up for work and not calling, then reappears with a federally protected reason for why? That was SHRM’s  question for Myra Creighton, an attorney with Fisher Phillips in their article “What to Do When No-Call/No-Show Employees Reappear.” Obviously, if the employee has a valid reason, employers should reinstate the employee. As for preventing such behavior in the future, Creighton pointed to workplace handbook policies. “Give examples in the policy of what noncompliance looks like,” she told SHRM. She explained that employers should not permit employees to text a supervisor about an absence. According to Creighton “because managers may delete them, there's no trail of evidence that the employee notified the supervisor.”


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