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Fisher Phillips Attorneys Advise Employers To Avoid The Spiked Eggnog At Holiday Parties


Michael Abcarian was quoted on Dallas CityBizList on December 15, 2014. In the article, “Fisher Phillips Attorneys Advise Employers To Avoid The Spiked Eggnog At Holiday Parties” Mike provided legal advice on managing alcohol consumption at company holiday parties.

Michael said, “Alcohol obviously lowers inhibitions and impairs judgment, resulting in employees saying and doing things they ordinarily wouldn’t. Such unpredictable behavior in today’s litigious work environment can leave employers open to frustrating and expansive harassment claims.”

In addition to harassment issues, Michael warned that companies may be liable if an employee leaves an office holiday party in an intoxicated condition and is thereafter involved in an accident. Pricey workers’ compensation claims can also result if an employee under the influence slips and falls, or otherwise gets injured.

If employers decide that their event just won’t be the same without the spiced eggnog, Michael recommended making sure rules and procedures are in place to keep the holiday office party out of court.

In addition to these tips, Fisher Phillips advised employers review insurance policies for alcohol-related exclusions and make sure supervisors are up-to-date on policies dealing with harassment.

“Without sounding like a Scrooge, it’s important to put guidelines in place to avoid creating an opportunity where too much holiday cheer leads to a costly holiday lawsuit,” said Michael.

To read the full article, please visit Dallas CityBizList.


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