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Fisher Phillips Attorney Discusses State Paid Leave Proposals on NPR


In an interview with NPR's Morning Edition, Philadelphia partner Lori Armstrong Halber discusses the growing momentum in state legislatures for paid family leave. Lori says: “not every company opposes paying into a state-required program. Many small employers cannot otherwise afford to offer paid leave.” In addition, Armstrong says: “it is a benefit that will attract the best and the brightest especially as it has become so hard to find and attract workers. And, frankly, it is something that [workers] expect and demand, as part of this is a societal change.” According to Lori, state governments also recognize that the gridlocked federal government is unlikely to enact a national paid leave program. She added, "I think we're going to continue to see states address areas like this where the federal government hasn't been able to make any movement."

To hear the full interview, visit NPR.

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