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Federal Judge Halts Overtime Rule


In the article, "Federal Judge Halts Overtime Rule," featured on WLRN Miami, attorney Christine Howard comments on the U.S. Department of Labor's overtime rule after a Texas federal judge blocked it.

Fisher Phillips partner Christine Howard said even though the rule was struck down, it doesn’t mean the fight to get it passed is over.

“There'll be a period for the DOL, depending upon again how the Trump administration handles this, to go through another lengthy comment period to revise its rules,” she said. 

The Fisher Phillips law firm, located in Tampa, put out a statement on what employers should do now if they had already made changes to their compensation plans.

“It might be unpopular to reverse course now,” the statement reads. “Although you may have the legal right to revert to the status quo depending on your circumstances, you might consider waiting until a final decision is reached in court, Congress, and the White House before doing anything further.” 

“That will certainly stall the DOL's efforts to enforce the rule. If there's a permanent injunction, you know, certainly that will be even a greater obstacle to see the rule's survival,” she said. 

To read the full article, please visit WLRN Miami


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