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Fast Company Interviews Fisher Phillips Attorney on Rise of Sexual Harassment Reporting Apps


The #MeToo movement exposed the pervasiveness of sexual harassment in the workplace, but how has technology evolved to help solve this age-old problem? Today, there is an app for that. In an interview with Fast Company, Columbia attorney Shelia Willis explained, “The #MeToo movement and social consciousness around harassment has really changed the conversation in the workplace.” But there are still limits with leveraging today’s technology to tackle this issue. Sheila said: “If it’s just an anonymous aggregation of information, then [they] don’t have the tools that they would need to do an investigation. If the employers don’t know all the details, they might not be able to remedy the solution.” And if the employers don’t take action, she added, “then that might lead an employee to feel like the process has no teeth and can’t rely on it.”

To read the full article, visit Fast Company.


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