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Fantasy In The Workplace: Do Employees Playing The Football Game Hurt Productivity?


The Philadelphia Business Journal quoted Todd Ewan in the article "Fantasy In The Workplace: Do Employees Playing The Football Game Hurt Productivity?" The start of football season brings with it the beginning of fantasy football leagues, as well as distracted employees who spend company time playing online. The season also brings concern from some employers who think it can have a negative impact on productivity. Todd said the key for employers is determining whether the fantasy football distraction is preventing workers from completing necessary tasks during the required time period. "If they are getting done what they need to get done, then employers will most likely leave them alone." He noted that some employers have blocked websites, but, with the growth of smartphones, tablets and laptop usage, workers can find a way around that and quench their fantasy fix. Many employers are more concerned about online shopping during working hours. "The key is consistency. If you have a policy, you have to be consistent. If you are saying it is inappropriate to use workplace computers for fantasy football, then it should be also for online shopping."


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