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Explosion May Lead to OSHA Crackdown


Atlanta attorney Bert Brannen was quoted in the May 24 Atlanta Business Chronicle article “Explosion May Lead to OSHA Crackdown.” The article reported that the deadly explosion at a Texas fertilizer plant in April will prompt the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to put a renewed emphasis on protecting the safety of American workers. The media attention surrounding the incident will also cause employees to pay closer attention to their work environment.  Bert noted that the explosion will give OSHA justification to further increase workplace inspections, citations and penalties. He added that there are reasons for workplace safety compliance other than avoiding sanctions.  A safe workplace tends to discourage union activity because a feeling of safety gives workers a sense of morale. Bert said: “A safe workplace yields so many positives. In addition to the costs you save in workers’ comp cases, if you’ve got a safe workplace, you’re putting out a quality product.”


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