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Expansion Of Overtime Pay Leads To Added Challenges For HR


Partner Joel Rice was quoted in a Ceridian blog article entitled “Expansion of overtime pay leads to added challenges for HR.”

According to the article,  the latest buzz out of Washington indicates that overtime pay is going to be a hot-button issue in employment legislation in the months ahead – even more so than it already was.

CNNMoney recently attempted to break down the new employment laws and figure out who’s entitled to additional compensation and who isn’t. According to CNNMoney, It’s impossible to tell. There are so many specific factors at play that no one lawmaker can lay out a one size fits all solution.

“Classifying any employee correctly depends so much on the details of the particular job, and how the person performs it, that it’s impossible to generalize,” said Joel. “For example, if you have a lot of discretion in how you spend your time, you can be covered by an exemption even though you don’t supervise anybody.”


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