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Evaluating Chicago’s Recently Passed Fair Workweek Ordinance


A new wave of lawsuits and regulatory actions could begin rolling into the local courts after the city of Chicago became the latest government to establish an ordinance setting new rules for how employers can schedule their workers. The Chicago City Council approved its new Fair Workweek Ordinance. The measure, for the first time, establishes city oversight of how thousands of workers in Chicago can be scheduled for work shifts. In a published interview with the Cook County Record, Jessica Huynh Causgrove states, “Employers will also have to be more cognizant of their busy and slow periods because under the ordinance, they will face financial penalties for both calling an employee in and sending an employee home early.” Jessica also advises other cities to take note, as the Fair Workweek Ordinance could spread throughout the state.

To read the full article, visit Cook County Record.


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