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Employment Law Experts Say Employers Legally Allowed To Require Flu Shots


Mike Abcarian was quoted in the Texas Lawbook article entitled “Employment Law Experts Say Employers Legally Allowed To Require Flu Shots.”

The Texas Department of Health Services suggested that the 2014 flu season may be dwindling down, but it isn’t over yet.

According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, 13 percent of the 1,303 Texans who were tested from February 9 to February 14 tested positive for the flu virus.

Labor and employment experts say that it is legal for employers to require their workers to get the flu shot, and if they don’t comply, they could be fired, according to the article.

“If the question is why do we need this at all, I think the answer is in the numbers,” said Mike. “Texas is definitely one of the places where the outbreak of flu is more prevalent.

Texas Lawbook members can read more. The article was also featured on Law360.


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