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Employment Law Expert Advises Companies on Legal Risks of Job Title Inflation


In the North Dakota Finance article “Employment Law Expert Advises Companies on Legal Risks of Job Title Inflation,” John Skousen warns companies to maintain integrity when giving promotions and be aware of potential legal risks associated with “job title inflation.” 

“If you’re inflating job titles, you’re breaking down traditional boundaries in the duties category. While employers may have good intentions, if you start inflating titles, the titles themselves don’t reflect the duties of the position and required expertise,” explained John. “It also can become confusing, disorganizing and difficult when striving to maintain job classifications and proper salaries when the economy bounces back—including dealing with inaccurate job descriptions with misleading duties requirements, which can converge to cause difficulty separating exempt and non-exempt employees.” 

To read the full article, visit North Dakota Finance.


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