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Employment & HR: Keep Quiet to Keep Working


In Ohio, freedom of speech does not apply to workers within a private employment setting. In the article, "Employment & HR: Keep Quiet to Keep Working," featured in Columbus CEO, Regional Managing Partner Steven Loewengart provides commentary on the firing of employees who use social media as a means to share their adverse opinions.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more of that,“says Loewengart.

California, Colorado, New York and NorthDakota prohibit employers from firing people based on activities away from work. Ohio doesn’t, but Loewengart says there are still a few exceptions to the ability of employers to fire people because of their speech or conduct away from the office.

Loewengart says Ohio companies are well within their rights to fire workers whose off-duty activities could affect business or whose actions hurt workplace morale. Written policies about off-duty activities can be a double-edged sword, though, he says. They are often the best defense when a terminated employee sues, but a poorly crafted policy can backfire.

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