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Employers Revamping Workplace Romance Policies Amid #MeToo Movement and Privacy Laws


Danielle Urban recently spoke with Bloomberg Law about why businesses are still revamping their workplace dating policies in light of the #MeToo movement, the current coronavirus pandemic and changing privacy laws. While workplace dating policies have been commonplace for years, typically targeting relationships between managers and subordinates, many companies have been compelled to update them to take into account new state anti-harassment laws and remote work activity spurred by the coronavirus pandemic. Danielle says employers have always had the ability and the right to prohibit relationships between employees, but the #MeToo movement has compelled companies to re-evaluate their policies. While she advises employers to put these policies in place, she suggests employer be wary of coming across as “too heavy-handed.” Excessively stringent policies can demoralize workers and potentially stir up privacy issues.

To read the full article, visit Bloomberg Law (subscription required).

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