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Employers Need to Respond to Ruling in Same-Gender Marriage Decision


Scott Schneider was quoted in Law360 on June 26, 2015. In the article “Employers Need to Respond to Ruling in Same-Gender Marriage Decision” attorneys explained why the decision in Obergefell et al. v. Hodges et al. was a watershed moment.

Scott said, “It is a historic decision and the culmination of considerable work by a bevy of rights activists, lawyers and litigants. Both Justice Kennedy’s majority decision and Chief Justice Roberts’ dissent are thoughtful and respectful of the passionate feelings on both sides. From a practical perspective, the impact of this decision will be felt in states where same-sex unions were not recognized. Now, rules with respect to entitlement to government and employer benefits will have to be reconsidered. Additionally, employers will have to reassess employee entitlement to leaves of absence and other protections, including protections under the FMLA and state-leave laws.”

To read the full article, please visit Law360.

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