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Employers Can Fire Workers for Marijuana Use, Colorado Supreme Court Rules


Jeff Dretler was quoted in Washington Times on June 15, 2015. The article “Employers Can Fire Workers for Marijuana Use, Colorado Supreme Court Rules” discussed the recent decision by the Colorado Supreme Court that determined that employers in the state who prohibit their employees from medical marijuana use can continue to discipline and terminate workers who test positive for the drug.

Jeff was quoted on his take of the decision.

“It’s a big case for those of us following the medical marijuana trend because it’s a very new phenomenon in the country and there’s very little case law on how employers should operate,” said Jeff.

Jeff said that the decision will undoubtedly be cited and “considered persuasive” in cases involving the rights of employers versus those of medical marijuana users wherever prescription pot is legal.

“The lesson would be that just because one law gives an employee a right to do something, it doesn’t mean it’s without repercussions,” Jeff said. “It’s accepted you can’t be stoned at work. So this is all about what you can do off-duty.”

To read the full article, please visit Washington Times.

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