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Employers Brace For An Invigorated NLRB


Tampa Partner Steve Bernstein was quoted in the Law360 article entitled “Employers Brace For An Invigorated NLRB.”

According to the article, Union attorneys say the National Labor Relations Board is bringing labor law into the 21st century, while management-side lawyers complain the board is greasing the gears of union organizing.

From mid-July through the end of 2013, the NLRB seemed dormant in terms of issuing published decisions, issuing only 17 such rulings in the last five months of last year, according to the agency's website.

Steve said he expected the fully confirmed NLRB to not only increase its activity, but vindicate management-side predictions that the Obama board would use its decision-making power to change case law in ways that helped labor and put employers at a disadvantage.

“If you look at the history of this agency, going back decades, it has reserved some of its most controversial decisions for when it is at full strength, so to speak,” Steve said. “It seems as though just recently, they're going about the serious business of rolling up their sleeves and attacking some of the more controversial issues.”

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