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EEOC Tweaks Data-Collection Rule, But Companies' Concerns Linger


The article, “EEOC Tweaks Data-Collection Rule, But Companies' Concerns Linger,” featured in Corporate Counsel,  highlighted lawyers’ rising concerns - both old and new—about the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's proposed enhanced collection of employee salary data even as the agency moves to try to alleviate some of the burdens on employers.

Cheryl Behymer discussed some of the challenges employers will face, in light of the new proposed rules.

The new rule will pose obstacles for any company that doesn't have payroll and human resource information systems set up and connected to create the reports the EEOC is requesting, said Cheryl.

Although the rules are not final, Cheryl said, companies should starting thinking now about how they will comply.

"I would say, at least right now, start making your inquiries with your technology systems," she said. "You need to talk to IT to make sure they know what the HR and compliance people are going to be asking them to do."

To read the full article, please visit Corporate Counsel.


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