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EEOC Presses Employers On ‘No Conviction' Policy


Jaklyn Wrigley offered insight to the New Orleans City Business article “EEOC Presses Employers On ‘No Conviction’ Policy.”

The Equal Economic Opportunity Commission began cracking down in 2012 on employers that have a “no conviction” policy as part of their hiring process.

Over the past two years, the federal agency has conducted 300 investigations and reached settlements with 63 companies, costing those employers $40 million cumulatively.

Jaklyn explained that the EEOC first turned its attention to the issue because it noted hiring policies that banned applicants with criminal records disproportionately impacted minorities, in particular African Americans.

She explained that businesses can protect their interests and the workplace and still comply with EEOC standards by tailoring their policies.

New Orleans City Business subscribers can read the full article here.

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