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EEOC Files Flurry of Cases on Eve of Government Shutdown


Corporate Counsel quoted Kansas City Partner Randy Coffey in the October 2 article “EEOC Files Flurry of Cases on Eve of Government Shutdown.”

The article discussed the filing of eight discrimination lawsuits on September 30 by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission just before the federal government shutdown. 

According to Commissioner Chai Feldblum, the EEOC is known for bringing a flurry of cases at the end of fiscal years.  Randy commented that the agency appears to be “highly focused in its year-end litigation filings on subject areas that the commission has identified as national priorities in its Strategic Enforcement Plan.” 

He added that, “those priorities include, among others, disability discrimination, hostile work environments which are not remedied by employers, and complaints about what the EEOC claims are ‘overly broad waivers’ in severance or settlement agreements.”

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